FAQ – Warranty

How to check product warranty?

You can check product warranty through:

  • Warranty card inside your package
  • Service Center contact details on your product package or user manual

My item is malfunctioning. Is it eligible for warranty claim?

Please contact your manufacturer for eligibility of your warranty claim. They will be able to do an assessment of your item and advise you accordingly.

All warranty claim approval will be at the discretion of the Manufacturer. Islandwidecomputer will not be held responsible for any failed/ approved claims.

Please note that if the item is found to be damaged upon delivery, it will be covered under Islandwidecomputer Returns Policy.

When does the warranty period start?

The warranty period starts from the date you register your product. (Check out below for how to register your product)

How do I register for manufacturer warranty?

Please refer to your manufacturer's warranty card for guidelines on how to register your warranty.

Kindly register your warranty soon after receiving your item, since most manufacturers do not accept warranty registrations 1-2 weeks after the item has been purchased.

How can I contact the manufacturer for warranty claims?

Please refer to the manufacturer (or service center) details on the warranty card included with your product when delivered.

If there is no warranty card, please check the user manual or product packaging for more details.

What is the process to claim warranties?

  • Customer to contact the relevant Service Center
  • Customer to ship the complete product set with packaging, Islandwidecomputer invoice and warranty card provided in the package to the Service Center
  • Islandwidecomputer invoice will act as Proof of Purchase

Where are the warranty centers?

Please check your Warranty card (inside your package) for the contact and address of your Warranty Center.

How long does it take to repair my product?

Your Warranty Center will be able to assist you with this question. Kindly check your Warranty card (inside your package) for the contact and phone number of your Warranty Center